Girls all over the world are missing 25% of their education because of their periods. They’re often sent home and sometime don’t even bother to go because they know they won’t be allowed to stay.

By providing girls with a practical, easy to use, sustainable solution, you can help girls complete their education through a single, one-off donation of £25.

Your money will go directly to support an individual girl by providing:

  • The right product for each individual girl’s situation, either HYF Reusable Charity Pads or Mooncup
  • Training and ongoing support of all girls you provide for
  • Delivery of the right product

You can choose to make a single, one-off donation and support an individual girl or it would be incredible if you were able to give on a regular basis. We suggest ongoing giving is done in increments of £25 so that every £25 you donate goes directly to support and individual girl. So, if you were in a position to give £50 per month, two girls a month would be provided with the product and support they need for up to 10 years.

*a contribution of 6% goes towards administration, postage, in-country partnerships and bank fees. covers the costs of ongoing visits to Uganda and associated costs to ensure that the maximum amount of your donation reaches the girls in need for maximum impact. Donations are processed through our partner and registered charity, Mission Direct.


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