Schools Charity Partner – 25ZERO

The Problem

Imagine this – girls all over the world are missing 25% of their education because of their periods. They’re often sent home and sometime don’t even bother to go because they know they won’t be allowed to stay. 25ZERO is a brilliant project to choose as a school charity partner.

We hear all the time about the impact that missing just 10% of a child’s schooling has on their education. 25% is simply too much.

The bottom line is this – our heart is to make the 25% of education loss ZERO.

Let’s ensure these girls have every opportunity to succeed in their dreams for their lives and their family’s lives.

The Solution

By providing girls with a practical, easy to use, sustainable solution, your school can help girls complete their education through a single, one-off donation of £25.

The money your school raises will go directly to support an individual girl by providing:

  • The right product for each individual girl’s situation, either HYF Reusable Charity Pads or Mooncup
  • Training and ongoing support of all girls you provide for
  • Delivery of the right product

How does it work?

The idea is simple – get as many girls in your school as possible involved. Encourage each of them to raise a simple £25 each. That means that if you have 500 girls in your school, you’ll help 500 girls through a single campaign.

Our hope is that you’ll partner with us for 5 years.

In year one the aim would be to encourage every girl in school to raise £25.

In years 2-5 the aim would be that every girl in year 7 would raise £25.

Our commitment is to provide you with the resources your need to create as much engagement as possible, deliver the right solution to each individual girl as the money comes in and give girls the opportunities they deserve.

We’re partnering with more and more schools around the UK to support thousands of girls in Uganda – would you consider joining us?


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