Back in Febuary one of our 25zero champions Maya held a Bake Sale at Blackpool 6th Form College to raise money and awareness for for 25zero.

I had a chat with Maya as to why she was passionate about supporting the girls in Uganda through 25zero. Here's what she said.

"I heard about 25zero through family friends. I have been wanting to get involved with a project to raise money for a while and after hearing about 25Zero I immediately wanted to get involved. I wanted to raise money for a charity that I felt i could relate to – obviously periods are something every girl goes through. We take for granted and the products that are so easily accessible for us and we alsotake for granted our education. This is why this project was important to me – I wanted to make sure every girl has the same opportunities as us and is able to get through school without any worries.

For the fundraiser I decided to hold a bake sale which I set up at college. I asked a few of my friends to help me out running the stall, I sent the message out on Twitter and Snapchat and my College wrote it in the notices and advertised it through their social media too. On the day of the bake sale I set up all the boxes of cakes in the Cafe and had it run all day, we managed to raise a succesful total of £105.44.

The 25zero website was extremely helpful in providing information about the project so I could make leaflets for people at my college to look at helpping them understand why this is such an important project.

I would love to continue fundraising for 25zero within my college. I am also planning to do a skydive next year."


We at 25zero are so excited to have amazing people like Maya on board with our heart to make life that bit easier for teenage girls in Uganda and help to support them to be able to stay in education without their monthly periods hindering them. 

If this has inspired you to jump on board too please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.