It has been a while since we have informed you of Anita's progress and we are delighted to say she is doing very well.

Ian met Anita in the summer of 2015. As part of the Mission Direct team trip, Ian traveled up into the heights of a Rukungiri hill to the back of beyond. Tucked away down a dusty dead end track stood a lonely little mud house. Dad was far away working in the capital city of Kampala. Mum was farming in the near by fields. Siblings were at school.

Anita sat alone, beautiful, graceful yet sad, reserved, idle and vunrable. This was how she spent her days almost evry day.

Anita has spinal bifida. For Anita this meant she was unable to walk or control her toilet needs. So although she was able to start school initially, she became unable to contine as school could not look after her needs.

Family poverty meant that there was no option but to leave her unattened at home for hours on end with very little to do and no way of moving herself around other than to drag herself a little way.

Evas, Chilli Children's wonder woman and Ocupation Therapist, explained Anita's situation and needs to Ian and the team. 

Ian's heart was stolen by Anita's shy unassuming smile and was moved by her hopless story. Determined to give her a future worth living for and to ensure she knew she worth and is seen, he and I wanted to actively invest into both Anita and her family.

Almost three years on Anita has had medical support which means she is able to walk and continues to get stronger with every step. She can now manage her own toilet needs too.

This has allowed her to continue with her educatuon during this time and she has been able to use her bright inqiusitive mind. Her recent school reports show she is progressing wondefully in all her subjects and has been promoted tp the next class up. 

In enquiring about Anita's progress Evas reports " I am happy to have found her looking nice and smiling. She is speaking good English, I was really impressed. It filled me with great joy" 

She has become a happy sociable child with friends and a future. She returns home to her family during the holidays knowing she now can contribute and simply be with them without feeling like she is a burden. Her family love her and are pleased to see her when she returns home to hear about her progress.

Anita's story is not only life changing for her but for her whole family too.

As we delight in celebrating Anita and her life now we are also aware there are so many more who remain where Anita was found when Ian first met her.

If you would like to know more and are able to give an offering to support a family like Anita's then please do get in touch by emailing us at Schudio.