In my last post I explained how 25ZERO came about. How we have a passion and a plan in action to change girls lives in Rukungiri and beyond.

We at 25ZERO need other big dreamers to jump on board, get alongside us and put some love in action.

What better way than to stir the passion that our students have in our schools to help change the world for the better. Maybe it will entice others too.

There are a variety of ways that this can happen. Let me share a few with you now.


We see girls, and boys getting excited about becoming a partner with a girl in Rukungiri. To have fun being creative with raising £25 for each individual girl to ensure they have all they need without their periods being an obstacle, so they can start and finish their full education.

We will support you however we can. Just let us know what you need. We want to help you make it happen. Lets go for it!

This is explained more fully on our Schools Partnership Page.


For those of you with big hearts who just want to see a girl beam with hope for her future. You can make that possible.

Individual donations of any amount is more than welcomed. If you too are inspired to do a bit of fundraising, again, we are here to explore that with you and see it come to life.

Sharing the Message

This is something everyone can do and is so very important!

Forward our website to everyone you know who may be interested.

Invite friends to our Facebook Page.

Share our social media posts from Facebook and Twitter.

And there is nothing like word of mouth. Tell people about us. If you are partnering with us, tell them what you are doing. We believe in 25ZERO. We believe many others will too.